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8 Recorded Trainings

#1 Seniors Industry & the Concierge Business

The senior industry is a maze for most people. This training will help you understand the senior industry and and how it is structured.

#2 Getting Started as a Concierge Business Owner

Anyone can read aN book about starting a business, but this training details what you need to do to start up your own senior concierge business.

#3 Marketing your Concierge Business

The senior industry is not interested in a lot of silly gimick, this training will share with you the marketing tools you will need for this business.

#4 Selling to Professional Senior Industry Business Referrals

The senior industry training details who's who in the senior industry but this training helps you to figure out what to say to them once you make a connection.

#5 Selling to Potential Clients

Once the phone starts ringing, this training will help to guide you through how to handle those inquiries over the phone and in person.

#6 Operations-Operating your Concierge Business

As you begin your senior concierge business you will need help in how to run the day to day business. The Operations training will help you to do this.

#7 Accounting for Your Concierge Business Part 1

#8 Accounting for Your Concierge Business Part 2

If you're not a math or accounting major that's fine. This Accounting training breaks down what you need to have in place so that you stay in good graces with the tax man.

Service Training (Live Via Teleconference)

This is a fun, informative and interactive class. It's difficult to really teach how to do the job of a concierge. Real life scenarios are presented and you're able to see how you might respond to these challenging situations. This class can be taught individually or in a group depending on the need.This training is taught one time per month.

Just the Templates

If you want just the templates that are provided in all of these trainings listed above-you can have them.

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Personal Advising

Book an appointment to receive personal, hand's on over-the-phone or e-mail advising and guidance to assist you either on your journey of starting your own senior concierge business or owning and operating your business.

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Senior Concierge Professional Network

Once you complete your training please become a member of our Professional Senior Concierge Network. This network is free to join. We have a message board where you can share your thoughts and questions with your peers. Learn More >

The Senior Concierge Training Program options include:

• 8 recorded trainings in MP3 format that include all the documents you will need to run your business. $400.00

• Hands On In Depth Personal Support if you need it $100.00 per hour

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