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Concierge Services Offered

If you are not seeing something you need help with-please ask. This list is illustrative of the types of support I offer.

Home Services

• Running errands

• Managing or performing light duties of gardening, home repairs, cleaning, and car servicing

• Help with home electronics & computers

• Bill paying, sorting mail & correspondence

• Caring for pets

• Organizing of home, office or storage

• Cooking/meal planning

• Shopping/driving

• Researching non-medical related questions

Social Life Services

• Event planning (holidays, parties, gatherings)

• Coordinating social engagements

• Making travel arrangements/assistance

• Purchasing event tickets

• Visiting/reading/arts & crafts/game playing

• Following through with exercise plans

• Assisting with hobbies & activities

Well-being Services

• Assist in navigating of the health care system, bills, insurance programs, and providers

• Patient advocacy and record keeping

• Booking medical appointments, date reminders, and transportation

• Ordering medications and pick-up

• Communicating with all professionals involved in your care

Support for Spouses and Loved Ones

Sometimes it's impossible to do it all and when you can't I can help. Caregivers can be extremely overwhelmed and you need help too. It can feel really good to ask for help and get your needs met. Please let me know how I can make your life easier.

Communication with Friends and Family

Communication among family and friends about your loved one is so important. Everyone must feel they are being kept in the loop. These services enable everyone involved to comment, share concerns, and provide direction for care. We all have busy lives so this must be efficient and accurate.

That’s why I provide the following services:

• A detailed, private, blog or e-mail, about the services I provided that day

• Weekly web based reports for family that lists daily activities, hours and expenses

• A phone discussion via conference call weekly or as needed As a trained facilitator and mediator I can help us work through concerns that may arise. My goal is to provide the best level of care while ensuring everyone is in agreement.

Moving Services

I work with older adults who have decided to move into new living environments, downsize their existing homes for independent living, or join family members near or far. This is a time consuming process and often times family members are too busy to help. Moving a home that has been lived in for more that 10 years can take some time. Family members often hire me to handle the entire move process. The following is illustrivie of the process that I manage from start to finish.

Move Evaluation & Plan Development

Work with the client and/or family to determine what the requirements are for the move. Develop a detailed plan for the move that includes the steps we can take to move, with a workable time-line to follow that we all will agree will work for your specific situation.

Organizing the Home for the Move

 • Keep - Identification of items to take with you

 • Sell - Determine if there are items that need to be sold. Sometimes an expert in antiques is necessary. For less important items, I can sell them for you and receive the potential buyers with you.

 • Donate - There are many charitable organizations that are more than willing to receive items you want to give away. I have lists of organizations that I work with

 • Transfer - Family and friends may be receiving items from you that need to be shipped or delivered.

 • Toss - I believe in letting go of items you no longer need and I make every effort to do this in an ecologically correct fashion. As a Bay Area native I'm aware of all options when disposing items from your home.

The Move

Evaluate moving companies with you to determine the best possible company to work with. Manage the move day and save you from the worry.

Creating the New Space

Develop a floor plan and decide with you where everything will go. Unpacking your belongings and making you as comfortable as possible with new organizational systems. I orient you to your new living environment and community.

Managing the Details

There are so many tiny details for a move and I manage the process from beginning to end. Examples of details I manage are:

 • Transfer of pharmacy

 • Transfer of Medical Insurance

 • Handle Bills

 • Close down home services

 • Keeping everything organized and know where we placed your things

 • Final cleaning of your home

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